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Dental Implants in Temecula, Ca

Have missing or extracted teeth? Dental implants may be the right solution for you!

Dental implants in Temecula, Ca are a conservative way to replace missing teeth or support a bridge without damaging adjacent tooth structure. Chewing, speaking and smiling can all be restored with dental implants and with routine periodic maintenance at our Temecula dental office, dental implants may last a lifetime. If you have missing or extracted teeth, dental implants may be the right solution for you.

There are many advantages and benefits of dental implants at our Temecula dental office over other traditional treatments we may offer. No more worrying about loose parts or adjustments after installation, they can preserve the bone and maintain the integrity of your facial structure, they eliminate the pain of ill-fitting dentures, allow for superior long-term aesthetics and are the closest replacement possible to natural teeth; you may even forget you ever had a missing tooth. If you have missing, broken or severely decayed teeth and are in relatively overall good health ask your dentist at My Dentist Temecula if you are interested in replacing your teeth with this long lasting, natural looking ,option to a completely restored and beautiful smile.

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Take the first step towards your picture-perfect smile. With the help of Dr.Rawson, a top cosmetic dentist in Temecula, California, and our amazing team of experienced and gentle professionals; we can create your brightest smile. Give our Temecula, Ca dental practice a call today so we can start planning your personalized dental plan.